ITP recognizes that the one constant in the world, is change. Firms grow, firms shrink, firms move, firms split. These are all events that need great attention from an IT standpoint.

ITP always has the flexibility to meet the need of our customers and often lends its expertise to our clients as they navigate through these events. Our “no contract” monthly fees are simply adjusted upward or downward based on a firm’s need for staff. Any special consulting projects, like office moves, are clearly scoped and priced for consideration.

“In the 10 months we’ve been with ITP, we have seen explosive growth in our business. What originally was 8 users in the fall of 2010 is now 25 users in the spring of 2011. Moreover, our rapid growth precipitated a need to move to larger office space in New York City in a very short period of time. Without ITP leading the way, I cannot imagine how we would have accomplished this. We traded through a Friday market close in one location and we were up trading first thing Monday morning in the new location as if it had been ours for years. Not a glitch. The ITP team just flat out nailed it!”