Maximization of IT Spending

The economics of a fee based investment advisory business are grounded in a firm's total AUM and managing EBITDA. Budget predictability goes a long way in smoothing out the normal peaks and valleys related to asset growth. ITP offers that predictability with regard to your IT as you no longer need to buy, build and maintain an in-house IT infrastructure. Simple, per user monthly pricing with no extended contracts makes budgeting easy.

Rebuilding, replacing or adding new servers is costly and time consuming. So, too, is managing the upload, download, reload or patch to some piece of software. As an advisor, this constant vigilance and oversight of your IT infrastructure can have a significant hard, and soft dollar impact on your business, and ultimately on your clients. ITP solutions alleviate that need.

ITP brings our clients the peace of mind that they are maximizing their overall IT investment in the most advantageous way for their business. They enjoy:

  • Reliability & Support
  • Enhanced Compliance
  • Effective Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans
  • Security
  • Known costs