Desktop Support

SupportITP recognizes that our clients may or may not understand all the technology behind the great things we do to safe guard their IT infrastructure, but we sure understand that they need to know who is going to support them from a day-to-day standpoint with all the basic desktop issues that arise in a business setting.

ITP has more than 6 years of experience in delivering our off-site, hosted solutions, but we also have the same 6 years of experience supporting the on-site needs of those same clients. ITP has fully deployed an IT Support Ticketing System that is the front line to routing, researching and resolving our client's support needs.

Our Rapid Response Team is often able to resolve ticketed issues within 15 minutes of submission. 98% of all issues are resolved remotely, either through guiding a user to the solution or through our support analysts remotely accessing a user's machine. When the situation calls for “hands and feet” on a client site, we are often there in a few short hours and certainly within 24 hours. Please remember, however, that statistically, we know those on-site visits, are less than 2% of our logged calls and almost never do our clients find themselves in a situation whereby a user will be unable to perform their job function because of a response time from ITP Support.

24/7/365 Monitoring & Support

24/7/365Our environment is maintained in a secure data center with state of the art monitoring and security features. 100% client up-time is our goal and is the business model that makes us our most profitable. In this regard, our business interests are 100% aligned with those of our clients.