SecurityIntellectual property is an invaluable resource an organization must diligently safeguard against loss, theft and corruption. At ITP, we are cognizant of the absolute necessity that client data be hosted in an accessible, yet secure environment. We have employed the following measures to ensure data security and integrity for small to mid-size firms:

  • Redundancy
    • Redundancy is an integral component of the ITP infrastructure and cannot be stressed enough — each server, pipe, router — every facet of the environment is redundant.
  • Disaster Recovery
    • ITP's Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan ensures the recovery, restoration, connectivity, and resumption of the critical processing services to facilitate business continuity in the event that a disaster occurs.
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring & Support
    • Our environment is maintained in a secure data center with state of the art monitoring and security features.
  • Automated Patch Management System
    • We employ a patch management solution that enables us to proactively manage security issues by automating the collection, analysis, and delivery of security patches throughout the enterprise.
  • Virus Scanning
    • All content entering the environment is thoroughly scanned for viruses. Any incoming content that appears to be corrupt is quarantined.
  • Rapid Response Team
    • Our senior technical team addresses and resolves all issues that arise behind the scenes with an emphasis on zero disruption for the end user.

We have developed security protocols and response measures that provide the highest levels of protection and service for our clients while adhering to the most stringent of industry compliance standards and regulatory guidelines.