Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery PlanningITP helps firms with their Disaster Recover Plans to ensure the recovery, restoration, connectivity, and resumption of the critical processing services to facilitate business continuity in the event that a disaster occurs.

A disaster recovery plan is just that, it is the end result of a process for formulating a good, sound course of action that would allow your business to recover from some sort of a disaster — a flood, a fire, or maybe a tornado or hurricane. For many of our current clients, the mere thought of an event like that made for many a sleepless night before they partnered with ITP. Performing regular server maintenance, running tape back-ups, securing tapes in safe deposit boxes were all part of their DRP and part of the daily IT stresses on their business.

For ITP, DR is at the core of our hosted solutions and we focus like a laser on the redundancy of our client's data and their applications. ITP owns and manages all of the equipment in our two state of the art Data Centers and as we build out each client, we do so by first engineering an optimal environment for their business needs. Then we duplicate every server, every switch and every component of that environment within that specific data center. We don't stop there. Our team then creates a complete redundant backup of those two set-ups within a secondary data center located more than 300 miles away, ensuring further confidence that any event affecting one location does not affect the other.

Having access to your data when and where you need it is paramount in our thinking. We encourage you to read further about the security of our Data Centers.