Hosting Capabilities

HostingAs a provider of technology outsource solutions to firms in the investment community, we specialize in delivering hosted applications, data management and support services for small to mid-sized investment management and financial advisory firms. Our team has extensive experience working within the financial services sector and we are aware of the unique Technology and Compliance challenges facing the industry.

Our hosted solutions employ the same “state of the art” technologies utilized by many of the Fortune 100's elite data centers and this allows our clients to leverage that level of IT infrastructure in supporting their clients without incurring the costs associated with building capabilities of the same caliber in-house.

A hosted services solution offered by ITP delivers high performance, reliability and security at an affordable cost. A client's entire IT infrastructure is supported via an internet connection from their location(s) to our premier data centers and we eliminate the need for them to manage any computer network of their own.

The benefits are remarkable and include:

  • Improved Security and Reliability
  • Reduced IT and Desktop Support costs
  • Instant access to software applications
  • Software upgrades without disruption
  • Improved communications and speedier remote access
  • Built-in Disaster Recovery and a “best practices” Business Continuity Plan
  • Real-time virus filtering protection from Mail Gateways
  • Email and Smartphone services and compliance

We provide premier technology solutions that allow our clients to work in an optimal environment, be it in the office or remotely. Designed to assure peak performance anytime and anywhere, hosting with ITP affords you the opportunity to do what you do best — offering financial advice.