Complete IT Solutions for Financial Services Firms

Hosted IT Solutions for Financial Professionals Compliant, Reliable, Available 7x24 Driving ROI from IT Cost Effective IT Financially Focused Secure. Redundant. Efficient.

When Investing in your Technology, choose your Partners wisely.

In 2004, ITP began and has since been a leading provider of IT solutions within the investment advisory industry. By specializing in the delivery of outsourced IT solutions to small and medium sized firms, we have helped our clients reap the benefits of a world-class IT infrastructure to support their businesses. Our model allows our clients to focus on providing superior returns for their clients, and not on their IT.


The evolving regulatory environment in the asset management industry has made it increasingly more difficult for financial firms to remain current with their technology and with their compliance. ITP has always made SEC compliance a focal point of our environment. ITP creates and operates reliable, secure and regulatory friendly private cloud environments for our clients. From compliant email services to disaster recovery to business continuity plans, our holistic approach allows clients to work with and enjoy a single relationship that supports all aspects of their IT. Our client experience is like having a Fortune 100 IT staff at their disposal.

Partnering with ITP provides daily value to our clients. Our team of experts not only delivers core IT services, but come with long careers within the financial technology space and the financial services industry as a whole. In choosing an IT partner, it just makes sense to pick one that understands the business – Investment Technology Partners.